window cleaning brighton

High-quality residential and small-scale commercial window cleaning in Brighton and Hove. Drop me a line via the Contact page for a quote.

Why Choose A Window Ninja?

Ninjas are, of course, widely recognised for their friendliness, reliability and honesty, and take much pride in their work. As a window ninja, I use a combination of traditional methods and the latest pure-water technology to give you the best of both worlds. See the pure water section (below) for further info about that.

I always offer reasonable prices, and if you’re not happy with the job, I will refund your money. Oh… and you get to have your windows cleaned by a ninja.

window cleaning brighton

About Me

My name’s Gary Rose. After 20 years as a magazine journalist, including a decade at the BBC, I decided it was time to start working for myself. My dad was a window cleaner when I was a kid and he enjoyed the job’s social, outdoor nature and the freedom it gave him to choose his own hours. Maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

window cleaning brighton

At present, I’m still working a few days a week up at Radio Times magazine, in west London, but the aim is to gradually cut my commuting ties for good. I’ll still continue to write locally though, about music for, and for my wine blog I’m also the author of the philosophical text Zen and the Art of Window Cleaning. Actually, I just made that last bit up.

Oh, and the ninja link? I study ninjutsu down at the Samurai Centre on New England Road. I didn’t just throw this together, you know.

Pure Water

For easy-to-reach, ground floor windows I tend to use the traditional bucket-and-squeegee method, using tap water and good, environmentally-friendly liquid soap. For harder-to-reach jobs, I pump extra-pure, filtered water through a carbon-fibre poll and brush it onto the windows. This water has been run through a powerful, four-stage reverse-osmosis filter until it has a purity of close to zero parts per million. The purity level is checked using a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter.

It’s particularly important to use properly filtered water in hard water areas like Brighton, to prevent white spots from appearing. Pure water sticks to minerals and impurities on the glass and washes them away, streak-free, without the need for squeegees and detergents.

*At present, I don’t have the facilities to clean higher than third-floor windows (the pole is 30ft and I’m not much of an abseiler). This may change in the future though.

Photos by Akshay Nanavati (top) and Nick Van Den Berg (centre).